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MB GPW G503 WWII Military Jeep Removing Front Brake Drum WW2 Restoration

This article shows the steps for removing the WWII Jeep Front Brake Drum

This article applies to both Willys MB and Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

1. To remove the front brake drums require removing a few nuts, washers, bearings before the drum will come off. In particular, items 18-22 will be removed before the drum can be removed.

2. Start by removing the hub from the front axle. Very easy to wedge a screwdriver and pry the cap off.

3. Next you will see a nut with a cotter pin. Straighten out the cotter pin and remove it.

4. Once the cotter pin is removed, the axle nut should unscrew pretty easily.

5. Next, remove the 6 nuts that hold on the flange. In some cases, the flange can be pulled off with your hands. Other cases, you may need a flange puller tool. Note: there most likely will be some shims behind the flange. Try not to damage them

6. Next,you need to remove the wheel bearing nut. It is item 22 in the first picture above. Most likely the lock washer behind it has a bent lip. Use a screwdriver to flatten out the washer so the nut can turn.

7. To remove the wheel bearing nut, use the large bearing nut tool to turn this nut. The tool can be found at most WWII Vendor locations

8. The bearing nut tool allows you to insert an object to help turn the nut if it is on there tight. Here you see a simple screwdriver was used to help turn.

9. Once the first wheel bearing nut is removed, you need to remove the lock washer behind it. It will have a grove that goes into the axle, so you need to pull this out straight. Use a screwdriver and your fingers to help pull this item out.

10. You will have a second wheel bearing nut that you need to remove. Repeat the step #7 above.

11. At this point the Brake drum is ready to be pulled off. Here, you see with a small tug, I pulled the drum out a bit, and you notice the wheel bearings are shown. The wheel bearings will drop out when you pull the drum off so be careful to catch them.

12. And you see the brake drum is now removed off the axle.

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