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MB GPW G503 WWII Military Jeep Axle Wheel Bearings Grease Packing WW2 Restoration

This Article describes how to Grease or "Pack" WWII Jeep axle wheel bearings. Applies to 1942,42,1943,43,1944,44,1945 Jeeps models

This article applies to both Willys MB and Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

1. Packing your bearings is a simple process to do yourself. Whether you are using your existing bearings or a new set of bearings, you will need some grease and a set of bearings. A good bearing grease label should state:
High Temp rating, resists softening, superior load-carrying capability, corrosion inhibitors, anti-wear and water resistance claims. Most General Purpose greases will fall short of temp limits, load bearing

2. To start with, when packing your bearings you want grease to be packed in all of the bearings nooks and crannies as shown with arrows.

Napa Front axle Part # 24780

3. Have a towel to wipe your hands available...

Take a chunk of bearing grease in your left hand, Start at the edge of the lump of grease and squeeze it through a little at a time until the grease pops from between the rollers on the top side, then turn the bearing a little to work on a new area. This pushes the grease to inner areas you can't see. Use a press and slide motion like you're trying to scrape the grease off your hand. It goes faster that way.

4. When you're washing the bearings out, don't EVER spin them with the air hose. It will mark the races because there's no lube, and I also have seen the rollers fly out of the cage and cause injury.

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