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MB GPW Install Rifle Rack Brackets on your Windshield

This article shows you how to install Rifle Rack brackets on your windshield

This article applies to both Willys MB and Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

1. Many WWII jeep projects may have windshields without the rifle rack bracket installed. The Rifle Rack brackets were not installed on WWII jeeps until after Sept 1943 (Nabholtz). So this article shows you how to install them on a windshild that needs them. You will need the bracket kit

2. Next, you need to fit the support bracket in position where you will weld it in. From the left, you want to XX inches from the left side.

3. Because the brackets come primed in the kit, you need to sand down to bare metal so that you can weld the support bracket to the windshield

4. Here, you see the edges that have been sanded so that a good weld bead can be placed on windshield

5. Here you see that the left and right support brackets are set in place ready to weld. Before you do this, place your rifle rack and brackets on top of the support brackets to make sure all of the holes will match for mounting

6. Once you are confident the support brackets are in the correct position, then weld them on to the windshield

7. Now you can position the mounting brackets on the support brackets. Note the higher bracket to the left, and lower to the right as shown

8. Here is a close up of the left mounting bracket. We will want to make sure we have these in the correct position, so we will again, put in position and check against the rifle rack holes.

9. Here is a close up of the right mounting bracket

10. With the rifle rack laying in position, move the mounting brackets to line up with the holes on the rifle rack, and mark the position of the mounting brackets for welding. Here shown on the left side

11. And now marking the right side

12. You will need to mark the top of the windshield as well so you know where to weld

13. Now prep the mounting brackets by sanding the edges and on the support brackets so you will get a nice clear area to weld.

14. After you clean off this area, place the rifle rack back on the mounting brackets to make sure you have the position correct. You just removed the marking to sand, so you need to realign

15. With all the positions in place, now weld the mounting brackets to the windshield and support brackets.

16. Now everything is in place and welded... now need to clean off splatter, and prep for primer and paint

17. Now we add the OD to the brackets, and almost done

18. Now we install the rifle rack on the brackets... perfect fit.

19. Here is another angle of the rifle rack installed

20. And a top view.... hope this helps!

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