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MB GPW Top Tips for the WWII Willys MB and Ford GPW Jeeps from various hobbiests

Many hobbiests deal with the same issues or problems with their restores. Here are some of the top tips that hobbiests have sent in.

This article applies to both Willys MB and Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

1. TIP #1 Jumpy Speedometer
Reports of speedometer needles jumping around. These can be traced to a loosened speedometer cable where it connects to the transfer case.
Tighten the connection and the needle stops jumping.

-Army Motors April 1945 p10

2. TIP #2 Manual Wipers moving while driving
If your manual wipers move around in the wind while driving, then remove the center bolt and replace it with a 1/4in x 1 3/4in long with a SLOT 1/4in wide x 1/8in deep.
Now lift the wiper tie-rod into the slot. No more movement. Pop it out of the slot if you need to use them

-Army Motors May 1945 p55

3. TIP #3 Pesky Fuel Pump bolt
Once you install the front Fuel Pump bolt it is very difficult to reach this bolt with a wrench. There just is no room to get your wrench in there and turn.

Prior to installing this bolt, cut a slot into the bolt so that you can use a screwdriver to easily remove it.

-Army Motors May 1945 p57

4. TIP #4 Spark Plug Caps
The rubber spark plug insulator caps deteriorates with age and causes the lower part to crack.
To lengthen the life of the caps put a small flat washer on the top and bottom of the cap.
Press the edges of the crack together and tighten up the plug wire against the washers.

Army Motors June 1944 p84

5. TIP #5 Rifle Rack as Carrier
Tip by Ingo : If you mount your rifle rack upside down you can use it to carry additional display items

6. TIP #6 Use Grease for sticky fingers.
Tip by Jim Grubb Use Grease to help hold washers, nuts to your finger when placing in hard to reach spots. Sometimes you have to place a lock washer and nut in a hard to reach spot. Add a little grease to your finger tip and it will hold that washer or nut like a magnet to your finger to accomplish your goal

7. TIP #7 12v Timing Light to 6v system
Timing lights are usually 12 volt and inexpensive. You can use your current car batter to provide the power to the timing light, while you hook the lead to your 6 volt jeep wire. Or if you have a 12v battery charger it will work as well (to time your 6v jeep system)

8. TIP #8 Paint touch up bottle
Tip by Jim Selfridge  For Touch up paint - empy a jar of Finger nail polish, clean and add your Olive drab paint into it. When you need a touch up, you have the paint ready and have an applicator ready to go.

9. TIP #9 Add small extension to overflow tube
After a nice restore, add an extension to your overflow tube so you don't get fluid all over your new paint.

10. Send us your favorite Tip and we will add to the list!

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