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G503 WWII 1943 Willys MB Jeep Front Axle section bolt list

This list originated from Claude Pon's bolt list. This section has been enhanced for bolts that apply to 1943 Willys MB Jeep Front Axle Section.

This article applies to Willys MB WWII Military Jeeps 
IDWillys RefGroupSubGroupUse/DestinationSizeThreadNC/NFLengthQtyHead typeSurfaceNut HexNut Stamped PalPlain Washer IDPlain Washer ODPlain Washer QtyLock Washer IDLock Washer ODLock Washer QtySourceComments
64WOA76010 Front Axle1007Front Drive Shaft U Joint Flanges 38 16 NC 12 12Hex        12  
109WO5152310 Front Axle1001Housing Cover 516 18 NC  78 10Hex        10  
157WOA87210 Front Axle1006Steering knuckle oil seal (half) 516 24 NF  58 16Hex        16  
158 10 Front Axle1006Stop Screw 38 24 NF 116 2Hex 2         nut is counter nut

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