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It goes without saying that providing information on the Internet is costly. At this point the cost has been provided by myself.

In order to continue providing this great information, I am soliciting donations to help upgrade the websites to allow more functionality to users/hobbyiests.

Currently our 9 jeep sites ( and run on two servers which are getting old. Both machines have been upgraded this past year with the maximun RAM at 4GB each, and 500GB hard drives. This has pushed the BIOS to it's limit. I have increased the internet bandwidth for these sites to a business level of performance. Since Nov 2009, these machines have had over 50,000 page views, thus, the information has value to many around the globe.

All of these enhancements has been provided absolutely free, thus far, because I love the hobby and history, and enjoy helping others.

In 2011, I want to replace the two servers for better performance and expandability, such as with a minimum of 8GB RAM that can be expanded to 16GB RAM, and about 1.5TB or more of Diskspace.

I want to provide the following for users/hobbyiests to enjoy (this next year) such as :

- Upload pictures of their Jeeps for viewing by others
- Search abilities on keywords in the Restoring section
- Continue on adding Restoring articles
- Ability to generate PDF files on the fly
- much more

All donations that are received will go towards the maintenance of these websites, the costs associated with operating the websites, and to enhancements of these websites, as well as, any new wwii jeep websites that may spawn from these.

Special thanks to those who have donated:

Alan DowellUKMar 2016
Sandro Fontana ItalyJan 2016
Fredrik BergiusSwedenDec 2015
Bernd BambergGermanyDec 2015
Thomas CampbellUSAOct 2015
Ams FarmsUKOct 2015
Nathaniel R BrownUSAAug 2015
James RugglesUSAJul 2015
Sean BowenNetherlandsJun 2015
Matt MillerUSAJun 2015
Stefano PianuItalyJun 2015
Bradley DanielUSAApr 2015
Christopher ConklinUSAApr 2015
Andrew CallisUSAApr 2015
Massimo DuciNetherlandsMar 2015
John BrysonUSAFeb 2015
Robert LukesUSAFeb 2015
Mark SevignyUSADec 2014
Mario MaipidUSAOct 2014
Mario MaipidUSAOct 2014
Lubomir TomanCzech RepublicAug 2014
Richard LennonFranceAug 2014
Mark Sternbach USAJun 2014
D G Hattier USAJun 2014
Colin PackerFranceJun 2014
Hartmut Luetz-HawrankeGermanyMay 2014
Suzanne HoffmanUSAMay 2014
Harley PadillaUSANov 2013
Zareh OhanianUSANov 2013
Jonathan StevensUSANov 2013
Jon RisingUSAOct 2013
Gary PerkinsUSAAug 2013
Robin N GellUKMay 2013
Arne HaugNorwayApr 2013
Brian HughesAustrailiaApr 2013
Daniel Williams USAMar 2013
Jose Jarmillo UrbeUSAJan 2013
Uwe SchmitzGermanyJan 2013
Mark AdamsUKJan 2013
Massimo DuciNetherlandsAug 2012
John BayusikUSAJul 2012
Roy MeyvisUSAMar 2012
Harrold NabbenNetherlandsJan 2012
Bill MullenAustraliaDec 2011
Bill ManessUSAOct 2011
Gary Perkins USAOct 2011
Dennis DeckUSAOct 2011
Markus MuellerUSAJul 2011
Richard K White JrUSAJun 2011
Arne HaugNorwayMay 2011

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