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G503 WWII Jeep Restoration Cost Example

Each G503 WWII Jeep restoration project cost will be varied. We are posting this information so that you can see the detail into finding specific parts, as well as how the costs go up from year to year.

Jeep Purchase "As Is"Sacramento, CA$2,500.0009/15/04
Total : $2,500.00 
Bolt insert on Flywheel Jim Grubb motorsports$64.0006/15/06
Crossover tub rubber seal, air horn clampsG503$8.0006/05/06
Felt Bushing Air Tube, Hose clampsBrent Mullin$30.0002/06/07
Oil Pan GasketNapa$10.4901/26/07
Felpro Rear Main SealG503$30.0001/16/07
Engine Stay CableG503$17.5001/02/07
Napa 1100 Oil FilterNapa$10.0912/30/06
f marked Engine Head Bolts setArmy Jeep parts$60.0005/26/05
Head Gasket setArmy Jeep parts$42.0005/26/05
Engine Gasket overhall set`G503$30.0010/24/05
Engine Fan beltG503$20.0011/14/05
Oil lines flex long and shortG503$27.5001/03/06
Crossover tube to dip stick hoseG503$2.0001/03/06
Crossover tube to air cleaner flex hoseG503$15.0001/03/06
Engine Rebuild w/resleeve nickel valve seatsJim Grubb Motorsports$2,515.0112/24/05
Total : $2,881.59 
Clutch pedal return springG503$2.5001/16/07
Clutch Fork Release leverG503$10.0006/05/06
Clutch throwout bearingG503$20.0006/05/06
Clutch disc w/hub completeBrent Mullin$38.5004/25/06
Pressure plate clutch assemblyBrent Mullin$60.0004/25/06
Total : $131.00 
Fuel Pump -RefurbishedBrent Muillin$50.0004/20/06
Large Mouth Fuel Tank (repo)G503-site$120.0001/07/06
Fuel line kit (late model)G503$72.0001/03/06
Carburetor rebuild kitG503$30.0011/14/05
Total : $272.00 
NOS Deep Mud Exhaust KitBrent Mullin$150.0001/20/06
Heat Riser KitBrent Mullins$28.5008/18/06
Total : $178.50 
Original F Marked RadiatorG503-site$30.0010/06/06
Radiator clamps (16)G503$24.0011/14/05
Radiator hose lower(2)G503$46.0011/14/05
Radiator hose upper(2)G503$50.0011/14/05
Radiator Felt SealG503$20.0001/16/07
160 degree ThermostatBrent Mullin$5.5003/28/07
Total : $175.50 
Front/Back light bulbs (extra set)G503$56.2601/18/07
Voltage Regulator - 6 voltG503$200.0002/27/07
Bonding straps complete setG503$140.0001/08/07
Battery Cover and BoltsG503$30.0011/14/05
Original Radio Filter BoxVendor$80.0005/20/08
Interstate 2-XHD 6v batteryInterstate Battery Antelope Valley$88.7105/20/06
Sparton Horn (repo)Peter Debella$165.0009/05/08
Foot Starter SwitchG503$15.0007/11/06
Wiring Harness Late modelG503$260.0006/05/06
Wiring Clips, junction blocksG503$45.0006/05/06
Generator Arm,spring, insulators, boltsBrent Mullins$85.0001/05/06
Distributor RebuildBrent Mullins$175.0002/27/06
Main switch circuit breakerG503$15.0011/16/06
Total : $1,354.97 
Transmission overhaulTransmission Supershop$710.0008/15/06
Transmission Gasket setBrent Mullin$6.0002/06/07
Total : $716.00 
  08-Transfer Case
Transfer Case overhaulTransmission Supershop$400.0008/15/06
Total : $400.00 
  09-Propeller Shaft
u-joint fron and rearG503$40.0001/03/06
Total : $40.00 
  10-Front Axle
Hub flange capG503$5.0009/07/05
Hub nutG503$10.0006/27/05
Front Hub Shim Kit (small/large)G503$25.0002/22/07
NOS Axle Seals pairArmy Jeep Parts$50.0002/15/06
2- Wheel BearingsNapa$20.0002/15/06
Total : $110.00 
  11-Rear Axle
2- Wheel BearingsG503$20.0002/07/08
Differential Cover VentG503$5.0008/12/05
Total : $25.00 
Brake shoes setG503$25.0008/12/05
Brake shoe return spring (1 extra)G503$6.5009/07/05
Master Cylinder newG503$55.0001/03/06
2 wheel cylinders frontG503$50.0002/19/07
External Brake cableG503$12.5007/11/06
Total : $149.00 
5 - Wheel FlapsLucas Tires$75.0004/05/06
5 - G/K - 16 TubesLucas Tires$65.0004/05/06
5 - Denman 600x16 NDTLucas Tires$240.0004/05/06
(1) Repo Combat RimG503$125.0004/20/06
Total : $505.00 
Gear housing rebuildBrent Mullins$250.0011/20/06
Jacket, steering worm w/bearingBrent Mullins$35.0011/20/06
Shield, crankshaft,pulleyBrent Mullins$25.0011/20/06
1 1/2in steering column bushingG503$2.0001/02/07
Left/Right Tie Rods (4)G503$44.0008/12/05
Total : $356.00 
Rear frame pintle plateG503$10.0002/04/05
Torque Reaction spring bolts (upper/lower)Army Jeep parts$14.5007/19/05
Leaf spring bushings (5)Army Jeep parts$15.0007/19/05
Shackles Front/BackArmy Jeep parts$52.0007/19/05
Bumper Gusset Breakaway Rivet Set (front)Brent Mullins$25.0002/09/05
Bumper Gusset Breakaway Rivet Set (Rear)Brent Mullins$25.0002/09/05
New front HornsG503$245.0010/15/04
Frame front Horn install and frame straightenFrame Works Newhall$1,100.0011/11/04
Total : $1,486.50 
4 - Spring Shackle bushing (front/back)G503$40.0001/14/05
4 - Spring pivot boltsG503$20.0001/14/05
Total : $60.00 
Rims - Sandblast $73/hr (5 rims)A & A powder coating$88.0004/05/05
NOS Engine Temp GageBrent Mullin$65.0004/25/06
2- Rear light rubber grometsG503$9.0011/17/04
Front Bumper f markedG503$75.0011/05/04
4 - f marked bumper boltsG503$20.0011/17/04
Floor Seal Set, anti squeak strapsG503$40.0001/08/07
Pedal Shaft felt GrommetsG503$15.0001/08/07
Spare Tire carrier ringG503$20.0001/08/07
Driver Seat sheild w/wood spacerG503$15.0001/08/07
Glove box Felt sealG503$8.0001/08/07
Foot rest acceleratorG503$6.0001/08/07
Windsheild adjusting arm, inner sealG503$38.0002/13/07
Spare tire lock,hand crank hold down bracketG503$35.0002/13/07
Leather BootsG503$34.0002/19/07
NOS Rear panel reinforment kitBrent Mullin$53.0003/29/07
Speedometer Cable (shipping included)Brent Mullin$35.0003/28/07
Original Rifle RackMike's Military$85.0008/10/07
New Etched windshield glassMarc Belanger-Canada$125.0008/12/06
Original Lube Chart HolderVendor$80.0005/20/08
Fire Extinguisher and holderMike's Military$90.0005/20/08
Decontaminator Extinguisher and HolderEbay$200.0003/10/08
Sandblast Tub/hood/windshield/seats, grill,etcA & A Power coat$634.0003/10/06
(2) Tool Box Lids GPWG503$40.0004/20/06
Rear PanelMike's Military (Tower Park)$200.0004/20/06
Glove box rivetsBrent Mullin$8.0005/17/06
Canvas Summer TopWeebee$275.0003/07/07
Canvas Strap setWeebee$80.0003/07/07
Canvas 6 piece seat setWeebee$245.0003/07/07
Canvas Windshield CoverWeebee$90.0003/07/07
Canvas Crash pads set(2)Weebee$65.0004/15/08
Footman loops late model (20)G503$40.0011/16/06
Oil Can bracketG503$14.0011/16/06
Panel Light HousingG503$20.0011/16/06
4- Kingbee reflector setG503$40.0011/16/06
2 - Toolbox locks H700G503$40.0011/16/06
2 - Toolbox felt setsG503$12.0011/16/06
Lab MetalFastenal$110.1609/22/06
F Bolts (12) 5/16 and (8) 3/8Brent Mullins$40.0010/18/06
Bolt list remaining missing$85.0009/12/06
F marked Kingbee Mirror headG503$20.0011/30/06
Firewall Felt grommet setG503$25.0011/30/06
2 -NOS Trico Vacuum wipersArmy Jeep Parts$270.0009/11/06
Wiper arms, blades, acorn nutsArmy Jeep Parts$70.0009/11/06
NOS Fuel GageBrent Mullins$55.0002/27/06
2- F marked handlesG503$30.0010/30/06
Hat Channel side panelJeep Panels Plus$55.0009/01/06
Windshield Bottom SealPeter Debella$45.0009/05/08
Total : $3,744.16 
6 - 319 OD paint rattle cansRapco$47.0001/16/07
Stencils hood, side panelsRick Larsen Stencils$92.3602/21/07
Abrasives -glass 50 lbsHarbor Freight$66.0003/08/05
Oil Filter decalsG503$16.0001/03/06
6 cans Red Oxide/319 ODWillys Restoration$40.5004/20/06
Red Oxide Primer Case Rattle cansRapco$71.0002/24/05
Total : $332.86 
  21-Bumper Guards
Front bumper wood fillerG503$25.0002/04/05
2- Front bumper spacersG503$5.0011/17/04
4- Front Gussets f markedG503$60.0011/05/04
2 -Rear F marked bumperettesG503$60.0011/05/04
Total : $150.00 
Alemite 6593 Grease GunEbay$64.0010/30/08
1" Manilla Tow RopeTower Park$35.0004/20/08
Original Shovel / Axe headTower Park$40.0004/20/08
Total : $139.00 
10' transport trailerEarl Hoffman$1,150.0004/01/07
Total : $1,150.00 
  99-Restore Tools
Tub RotisserieTony Nortons design$125.0004/01/05
Blast CabinetHarbor Frieght$300.0002/10/05
125 Lincoln Mig Welder/hood/gloves/grinderFriend$500.0001/05/05
Welder Roller standHarbor Frieght$35.0001/10/05
33gal 5hp Air CompressorSears$250.0010/01/04
2 ton Shop CraneDRaskin -Ebay new$89.9912/08/04
Engine Stand and levelerDRaskin -Ebay new$40.0012/08/04
HF tool AccessoriesHarbor Frieght$66.9705/17/07
HVLP Gravity Spray GunHarbor Freight$43.2904/08/05
Total : $1,450.25 

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